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~ Realign your spine, balance your core
~ Become pain free, prevent recurrence of your pain
      Welcome to Apex PT (Physical Therapy) Postural Restoration Center, where you can look forward to learning about effective ways to restore optimal posture in order to avoid or minimize musculoskeletal pain. You will learn about the amazingly unique world of Postural Restoration developed by Ron Hruska, PT and founder of the Postural Restoration Institute.

What is Postural Restoration?
         Postural Restoration is an innovative, revolutionary approach of treating musculoskeletal pain and dysfunction, developed by Ron Hruska, PT and founder of the Postural Restoration Institute. Based on sound principles of biomechanics and taking into consideration the inherent asymmetry of the human body, (a concept totally missed by traditional PT) it is a very effective treatment approach producing dramatic and lasting relief from both chronic and acute pain.

Why is it different from traditional Physical Therapy? Why train or rehabilitate the PRI way?

  • Would you build your house on  a crooked foundation? Then why train your muscles on a forward and right rotated pelvis and spine?
  • The PRI approach recognizes that the right and left sides of the body are different, and incorporates this underlying principle in training
  • Its focus is to realign, restore and retrain to reduce pain and promote lasting improvements
  • It treats the entire body as a whole unit versus treating only the body part or symptoms

That is why it can bring pain relief when other traditional treatments have failed! Just give it a try!

To find out more about how this approach can help you, please contact us today !  You can reach Sangini Rane our Postural Restoration Certified PT, at 919 889-3126 or apexptprc@gmail.com

We hope to see you again! Check back later for new updates to our website. There's much more to come!

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