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Fitness and Wellness

If you are looking to get fit at a great price then you should really take advantage of our fitness and wellness program here at Apex PT. We offer a wide range of fitness and wellness classes which are all led by top notch fitness experts! We will work with you to ensure that you reach your fitness goals in an efficient and timely manner! If you are interested in getting fit and feeling healthier then please contact us today to schedule an consultation!

Postural Restoration

Our postural restoration program is designed to help our clients regain the full functionality of their body and muscles. This approach has proven to be quite effective in balancing all parts of your musculoskeletal problems. We will work with you in ensuring that therapeutic sessions with us are as pain free and effective as ever. Just call today to set up an appointment! 

Neck and Back Pain

Neck and back pain occur when the body is under duress or has been in a static position for a long period of time (sleeping in an awkward position or working in a stationary position). We are able to effectively alleviate these pains and have an incredible success rate. Call today for more information!

Other Services

Shoulder Pain/InjuriesHip and Knee Pain/InjuriesAnkle/Foot PainSciaticaNerve PainSports InjuriesArthritisOsteoporosisPelvic PainPost-Op Rehab: Knee/Hip/Shoulder Replacement

Fitness and Wellness
Common Postural Asymmetry

On the outside we appear "even" or symmetrical; however the inside of our body is not, which causes natural imbalances to occur. Organ size, placement and function, along with nervous system development and muscular use all contribute to dominant movement patterns. These asymmetrical movement patterns combined with individual habits lead to stress, strain or torque on joints, tendons, and muscles, and over time may cause pain to occur.

Postural Restoration

Asymmetrical movement patterns combined with individual habits lead to stress, strain, or torque on joints, tendons and muscles, and over time may cause pain to occur. When this patterning becomes so dominant that your body does not understand how to perform activities in any other way, compensations develop. The repetitive faulty movements cause strain, and increase your chances of developing pain.

Neck and Back Pain
Falls & Balance

Aging is usually accompanied with problems of dizziness and loss of balance. We use various tests and scales to examine the various components of balance to determine the cause of dizziness and whether you are at risk for falling. Then the therapist designs a treatment plan to meet your goals and address your specific needs. At Apex PT Postural Restoration Center, we use Vestibular therapy combined with Postural Restoration maneuvers to help you reduce your dizziness and improve your balance.

Fitness and Wellness
Posture, Pain, and your Bite

Did you know that your "bite" can affect your posture and muscle tone? Your jaw and neck position can change just by feeling the teeth touching each other in the correct biting pattern. When this does not happen naturally, a trained dentist can help achieve this with a custom bite splint on the bottom teeth called a flat plane manidbular splint that lets the teeth make contact in a new bite pattern. You will need to work alongside a Postural Restoration trained PT while you are getting fitted for this split to realign your body as it is adapting to this new bite pattern.

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